Create and manage self-service Kubernetes with a tiny subset of the complexity

The majority of users prefer to concentrate on applications rather than infrastructure, and businesses want to make it possible for their teams to utilize Kubernetes "as a service" (KaaS) to accelerate operations and cut expenses
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Kubernetes as a Service can assist organizations in leveraging the best features of Kubernetes without having to deal with the difficulties associated with managing the operations


To ensure that you get the most out of the Kubernetes ecosystem while focusing on the applications and services essential to your core business, we deploy, host, and manage all of the components required for Kubernetes to function, including updates and security patches.


Within the Kubernetes as a Service model, the infrastructure can scale rapidly. It is possible due to high-level automation provided. This saves time and bandwidth of the admin team

We provide fully Kubernetes clusters with the same standards and at speed of a hyperscaler

Why choose a Managed Kubernetes Service (MKS)?

Kubernetes adoption is growing everywhere:




Majority of users want a MKS in order to:

Avoid Kubernetes technology complexity

Focus on applications instead of infrastructure

InternetOne Kubernetes Edges

High-Availability control plane

Take advantage of a robust HA and a fully managed Control Plane to ensure that your workloads are always available.

GitOps ready

All cluster-level functionality and configuration are declarative, adding a new level of management and provisioning in line with the current GitOps paradigm.


The number of nodes in your Kubernetes cluster can be automatically scaled up or down by a cloud controller to match your workloads and conserve resources.
When not using the cluster, scale the nodes to zero.

CNCF certified

100% standard Kubernetes certified by CNCF. All Kubernetes clusters respect the industry standards to bring security, stability, and robustness to your applications.

Free Assessment

Our knowledgeable customer support staff is available to promptly provide any necessary information and assess which solution will be most beneficial for your needs. Please feel free to message or start a conversation with us; we'll get back to you quickly with the information you seek
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